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What Fragrances Say About You

Your preferences speak volumes about you, and that includes your choice of perfume. 

There’s something about your preferred fragrance that reveals a small part of who you are.  Whether you’re a charismatic leader or you’re a spontaneous soul, there’s a certain scent that beautifully captures your uniqueness. 

There are several niche perfumes to choose from, and each perfume owns a distinct combination of olfactory notes. Consciously or not, you pick a certain scent out of a multitude because it smells like YOU.


Goal-oriented. Confident. Driven.  Do these adjectives perfectly fit you? Whether in your career or passion projects, you are bound to deliver outstanding results. 

Achievers like you are drawn to powerful and long-lasting woody scents, which reflect your determination and long-term focus. You choose warm and earthy scents that have notes like sandalwood, leather, patchouli or cedar. 

One scent you’ll surely love is Viride by Orto Parisi.  This powerful fragrance for women and men comes from woody and aromatic families. Viride is a Latin word that means “green”.   A spritz of this perfume will make you feel like walking through a lush forest. Its base notes of cedar, fir balsam, juniper, musk, fir tree, and tobacco make the perfect scent to help you relax throughout your productive day.

₱ 10,200.00


You are a fan of anything beautiful and romantic. Candle-lit dinner and red roses still make you blush. Your sweetness and gentle personality radiate wherever you go. When it comes to fragrance, you’re most likely into floral scents. 

If you’re the type who still finds a bouquet of flowers romantic, you’ll surely fall in love with floral fragrances.  Widely used in women’s perfumes, floral notes have the natural scent that reminds you of colorful blooms. 

A great addition to your floral favorites is Parfums De Marly Delina. It has top notes of rhubarb, bergamot, lychee, and nutmeg. The heart of this perfume are Turkish Rose and Vanilla. No doubt, it will give you a velvety sensual experience, with base notes of musk and cashmere wood that will linger on your skin for hours.

₱ 12600.00

If you want a feminine perfume with a powerful woody scent, go for China White by NasomattoThis floral woody musk fragrance for women is such beautiful irony— powerful yet gentle, sharp and edgy yet soft. 

₱ 8600.00





Do your friends describe you as the life of the party or a ray of sunshine? You seem to be always full of energy and life.  Your energetic and lively personality is strong enough to brighten a boring place.  


When it comes to fragrances, your enthusiastic nature will likely prefer fruity fragrances.  The zesty and fresh scent suits your lively and pleasing personality.  Fruity perfumes usually have citrusy or spicy tones of bergamot, lemon, or lime. 


A popular perfume with a fruity scent is Xerjoff Naxos. This perfume will surely excite your zesty senses with the freshness of citrus notes of bergamot and lemon. The heart is a lively blend of sambac jasmine, cinnamon, cashmeran, and honey. Its base notes give a masculine touch of tobacco. 

₱ 12000.00


Whether it’s your fashion style or your artwork, your work is always characterized by your uniqueness. You have this impressive ability to generate new and valuable ideas, alternatives, and possibilities.

Even when it comes to fragrances, you are drawn to dynamic scents that are unique and stimulating. You surely love to experiment with fragrances that come from different families like  Woody and Floral. 

ACCA KAPPA Sakura Tokyo Eau De Parfum will surely tickle your fancy.  This unique olfactory experience of a powdery scent is reminiscent of a pink cloud-like cherry blossom. Let the wonder of springtime blooming be a part of you.  Based on musks and sandalwood, this harmony of floral essences will certainly stimulate your creative mind.

₱ 3300.00

With a myriad of fragrances, there are surely some distinct scents that you will prefer more than the others. Revealing a little bit about your personality and taste, your choice of scent will always be something personal.