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Essence vs. Serum

Essence vs. Serum
Knowing the difference, and which one will work best for you can mean the difference between great and so-so skin.

By Agoo Azcuna-Bengzon
The Korean beauty trend is far from over, and thanks to this phenomenon, we're learning more and more about types and textures when it comes to skin care products. Essences and serums for instance, are a part of any Korean skin care line but did you know that essences and serums have several distinguishing factors? I interviewed one of the top dermatologists in the country, Dr. Jetty Magalona to find out how they can be differentiated from one another, and how to identify which ones to use, depending on our individual skin concerns. Doc Jetty says, "For one, when it comes to texture, an essence has more of a watery or fluid consistency, similar to that of a toner. A serum on the other hand, will noticeably have a thicker, more gooey type of texture, similar to that of a gel." For hotter climates such as ours, it's easy to see why essences have become wildly popular—they're lightweight and get absorbed easily, making them ideal for those of us who veer away from anything too heavy or "sticky" when it comes to face care.  However, Doc Jetty reveals, "Serums may have the upper hand when it comes to anti-aging benefits as its thicker texture provides a more nourishing and powerful formula able to address problems such as deep line wrinkles as well as hyperpigmentation and acne." This is why serums tend to be more popular with those in the more mature segment—serums are able to grant much more dramatic results for them, and in a shorter amount of time too. Another major difference according to Doc Jetty is what makes up the formulas of these products. Essences typically contain more natural ingredients such as water and fruits while serums contain compounds such as glycerin or glycol. 
Here's my official list of the best and brightest essences and serums from Remember, no matter which ones you end up choosing, these are all capable of infusing your skin with much-needed care and nourishment. All you need to figure out is which textures and ingredients you gravitate to the most, and which ones you can see yourself committing to on a daily basis.
"This potent essence combines the powers of nature with ingredients such as botanical roots, leaves and flowers to give your skin unparalleled brilliance."
"A reasonably priced lightweight moisturizer that makes use of Green Mineral Water from vegetables to give you dewier and younger-looking skin."
 "This has a cult following because of its potency and ability to fade dark spots and lend skin a noticeable luminosity."
"Inspired by meso-injections, this concentrated fluid promises to boost collagen production to give skin a more lifted look."
 "The key ingredients in this essence, snail secretion and bee venom are highly regarded for their hydrating and age-defying powers." 
 "Twenty-one plant extracts including Turmeric help turn back the clock."
 "A powerful recovery complex that works hard at night while you sleep to reverse the signs of aging"
 "Mineral-rich Jeju water gently refreshes and moisturizes the delicate skin around eyes."
 "A safe and vitamin C-infused potion that brighten skin and works hard to fade pigmentation."
 "An intense brightening solution armed with Palmaria palmata extract and vitamin C to give dull, tired looking skin an instant makeover."